Fuel Cell UPS and Backup Power Supply

Model: MF-UTH-8020

MF-UTH series is the first 10 KVA Fuel Cell Back-UP Power System to be launched. Equipped with uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) functions, MF-UTH series is the ideal product for sites requiring high quality electricity supply and power stability. It is ideal for users to conquer unpredictable power black-outs which can cause severe damages to expensive equipment and potentially put people at risk.

The MF-LPH series generates up to 3000 watts by converting hydrogen fuel (H2) and oxygen (O2) from the ambient air in an electrochemical reaction. The by-products are safe heat and pure water. Through simplified modular design and compact dimensions, it is ideal to integrate into uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and back-up power systems as well as apply as an auxiliary power unit (APU) in different applications. Whether the applications are for back-up operations or intermittent electrical supply, the MF-LPH series is capable of generating long sustainable full power as long as hydrogen fuel is supplied to the unit and able to replace the existing conventional genset. Therefore, the MF-LPH series provides dependable solutions for backup power needs as well as paving the way for newer and greener eco-friendly energy.

Product Description
Fuel Cell Power Module
42 ~ 80 VDC
Input Voltage
24 VDC
Fuel Purity
Hydrogen, >99.99%
Fuel Pressure
550 ~ 830 Kpa (80~120 Psig)
Ethernet Data Collection
Cooling Type
Air Cooling
Output Power
DC 1.1~3.3 KVA
Maximum Output Current
DC 75A
Ambient Temperature Range
Oxidant Humidity
0~100% RH
80 x 46 x 40 cm (31.5 x 18.1 x 15.7 in.)
40 kg (88.2 lb)
Operating Efficiency
Hydrogen Consumption
752 Liter / kWh
Efficiency (LHV)
Environment Requirement
Ambient Temperature
Backup Power, Motive Power, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), and etc.